The Complete Guide to the Ferrari 308/328/Mondial


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The Complete Guide to the Ferrari 308/328/Mondial

In October 1973 the Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 2 + 2, with coachbuilt steel body by Bertone, was announced in Italy as a replacement for the Dino 246GT model. It was followed two years later by the announcement of the 308 GTB coupe. This was a Pininfarina beauty. It was a two-seater with, at first, glass-fibre body constructed by Scaglietti and was a direct replacement for the much-loved 246GT Dino, although the car never actually bore that name. It gained a reputation for possessing the best blend of Ferrari performance and handling. And later, in 1980, came the Mondial 8, intended to be a genuine 2 + 2. Wallace A. Wyss, author of many books on sports cars and himself the owner of a 308 GTS, has researched very thoroughly into this exciting series of models, drawing on visits to the factory, extensive owner interviews and the opinions of specialists, to present a balanced and fascinating book on this Italian classic. This is a revised version of Wyss’s 1982 book, with additional text and colour illustrations.

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