Alfa Romeo Spider 1966-1993 Chris Rees


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MODELS: DUETTO – 1750 SPIDER VELOCE A CODA TRONCA – 1300 JUNIOR – 2000 SPIDER VELOCE – 1600 VELOCE 1971/1983 – 2000 SPIDER VELOCE e 1600 VELOCE SERIE 3 1983/1989 – 2000 E 1600 SPIDER SERIE 4 1989/1993 During Alfa Romeo’s long history, a chapter was certainly written by their unforgettable roadsters, built first at the Portello factory and then at the Arese plant. The Duetto, a real icon among Italian cars, but also the 1750 Spider Veloce, the 1300 Junior, the 1600 and 2000 Spider Veloce through to the roadsters of the ‘90s are cars engraved on the mind of the world and still in use, radiating a powerful fascination among enthusiasts and collectors. This invaluable guide to their identification and restoration is aimed at the latter, in particular: it spotlights each car’s individual technical and aesthetic peculiarities, enabling the reader to immediately recognise and conserve their gems in the best possible way, testimonies as they are to an unrepeatable epoch. OUT OF PRINT BOOK